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10th September, 2016- 12th September, 2016

Fun of hills and plains
Beauty of forest and road
Attraction of history and nature

Morni hills have it all. Situated in District Panchkula, some 260 kms from Delhi, Morni Hills is perfect weekend getaway from Delhi.


HRTC Bus from ISBT, Delhi till Chandigarh- got down at Zirakpur bus stop before Chandigarh

From Zirakpur to Morni Hills- Bike, Duke. Roads are perfect and one could easily travel by one's own vehicle from Delhi to Morni Hills.

I reached Kasmere Gate bus stop, ISBT early morning at 5 am. My bus was at 6 o'clock. Sleepy but excited about the trip I was waiting for my bus to come. It was Saturday morning (God Shani Dev day) and I could see atleast 6-7 people carrying Shani Dev idol and roaming around the bus stop seeking dakshina. I saw people giving money to the Lord and for a while I got lost in my thoughts. I wondered that we don't love God, we fear God. While I was still pondering whether I love or fear God my bus came and I started searching for number 17 seat.

I reached Zirakpur bus stop and was waiting for Ashish to come from where we had plan to go on bike to Morni Hills which was some 40 kms. I had read it somewhere, "Roads are made for journeys and not the destinations." The journey from Zirakpur to Morni Hills is beautiful. Dense forests on both the sides and the turns on road - it was quiet and adventurous.


UV Resorts owned by a retire forest official- We found it on Goibibo website.  

Morni Hills is a place where you go and do nothing. It is a place to relax, to read, to write, to enjoy that cup of tea watching the hills, to enjoy that cool breeze touching your skin, to enjoy the conversations and to experience the silence. The view from UV Resort was beautiful. It was like an open amphitheatre. I was watching the changing of colours of sky in evening- from blue to orange to dark orange to grey to black. I love nights in hills. The star studded sky, the faded mountains, cool breeze, the far off dim lights- Nights in hills are beautiful.



View of  Tikkar Taal and Chota Tikkar Taal

When I am amidst nature, I am ignorant of everybody, everything around me. I am at peace with myself and my surroundings. I was looking at that soft flowing water, the distant boats, concentrating on the sunlight merging and emerging in water. It was hypnotic. Nature is the best gift God has given to mankind.  

A trek till Morni Waterfall


On Monday morning at 11.00 am we started our journey back to Delhi on our beloved Duke. We had to cover 260 kms which were ahead of us. But we knew that it would surely be fun as it is rightly said-   

"If you want to be happy for a day, drink.
If you want to be happy for a year, marry.
But if you want to be happy for a lifetime, ride a motorcycle."

Ashish's Duke and my Avenger at India Gate, Delhi
Picture taken on 13th September- the next day of completion of our trip

For more pictures and quotes on Morni Hills visit- Everything out there is for A reason  - A page owned by Ashish Sohal and The Day I Realised that I Am Alive-  My Facebook Page

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